The second half of life..

By twigs

Social Distancing

The weather today was a whole heap better than I thought it would be - yay!  Did a bit more trundling round the garden though I really didn't do very much at all so there's still plenty to do.  These wee chappies are showing great social responsibility looking after one another by following the rules and staying well apart from each other whilst waiting their turn at the feeding dish.  What good wee things :D

In COVID news, there are 35 new cases today bringing the community infection cluster number to 109.  The vast majority of those were in Auckland with 3 in Wellington.  Still no positive cases in the South Island...  

Unsurprisingly given today's numbers, the lockdown has been extended until at least Friday for the whole country except Auckland, which has been locked down until 31st August......another full week.  We haven't reached the plateau yet so please continue to hold your breaths, cross your fingers and whilst you're at it, cross your toes too.  Every little helps :D

I need to go to the supermarket but I found myself resisting making the decision to go in the hope of restrictions being lifted for us maybe tomorrow.  Now we know that's not happening I think I'll have to go tomorrow :\  

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