Phoned my dentist first thing.  I had made an appointment for tomorrow as I was suffering with toothache.  However the toothache has gone.  So Ive cancelled the appointment.  My dentist did say that it was probably due to sensitivity and recommended rubbing Sensodyne toothpaste on the painful areas so that's what I've been doing and it seems to have worked.

Had to go to the bank again today.  When I got there I had to join a queue of 4 people outside the bank. We waited 20 mins before the first person went inside.  I had a wait of 10 mins more before I got inside and then another 5 min wait inside before I got to the counter.  There were 2 tills in use but the lady on my till wasn't able to do  bank transfers so I had to wait a bit longer and go to the other till.  By the time I had been sorted it was 2pm and the bank was closing.   Just found out this evening that I need to go back again tomorrow to do another transaction.  Hopefully Tuesdays are less busy than Mondays.

Once out of the bank I got the bus to Gateshead.  Went into a few shops including the big Tesco.  I was looking for something that my little local Tesco don't sell - and I found it. 

Took my blip shot just before I got the bus back home.  It shows the lower end of West Street looking down towards the Tyne Bridge and across to Newcastle. Not many people in my shot as there aren't any shops in this part of West Street.  Its my entry for Mono Monday as the theme is Street Scene.  Thanks to Carolina for hosting.

When I got home I did a bit of sorting out and filled a charity bag which I hope will be collected tomorrow. 

Steps today - 9,590

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