Tiny Tuesday ....

.... in the forest.

Okay ... more like at the zoo!

As it's R's birthday today he got to decide what to do.  Several of the options (day trip to the south) were out due to the remnants of Hurricane Ida so we opted for the Lehigh Valley Zoo. We will feel the effects of Ida tomorrow ... but today was absolutely gorgeous. 

We got to the zoo shortly before lunch so we parked at one of their picnic locations along the Jordon Creek to eat our picnic lunch.  As we were sitting having our lunch I noticed a water snake coming towards us in the creek!  Cool!!  We got up from our bench in the hopes of getting a picture but it was much too fast.   We saw it by the shore and at this point he/she had a small fish!  Then it disappeared.  Richard went into the creek looking for it but we were out of luck.  

After Richard dried off and we finished our lunch we went into the zoo. I was keeping the Tiny Tuesday theme of "in the forest" in mind as we walked through.  I loved this picture of the resident giraffe Tatu eating some leaves.  It looks like he is in the forest!  A Tiny Tuesday stretch if I've ever seen one!  But thanks to H0tamer for hosting all this month. 

As you leave the zoo you have the option of driving through a ford in the Jordan Creek.  That's what we did as we love doing this each time we come here.  We stopped on the other side of the ford so that I could wade in the creek.  There were several families also doing this same thing!  I captured a small group of siblings enjoying their outing in the creek.  Don't you just love the color of this young girl's hair!  And I'm quite sure it's natural!

We had dinner out to celebrate R's birthday and then later on had some yummy dessert that I baked last night.   Happy birthday, my love! ♥♥♥

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