A day in the life

By Shelling

Family visit

My mother was from Denmark. She met my father in Sweden and decided to stay here, which was lucky for me since I might not have met you blippers if she hadn't. I know my danish family rather well since we often were there when I was young but my fathers family remained obscured, for more reasons than I will go into here. As an adult I've gotten to know them and we've also met at a few occasions at family gatherings.

One of my older cousins and a friend of hers  living in the southern part of sweden, came to visit me in my home on Öland today and I had prepared a meal for us. My day started with me recording the last couple of songs into my computer before it was time to cut the grass in order to present my home as well as possible. As you can see, it was well needed and looked really good when I'd finished. 

The recording, the grass cutting, the cooking and the actual meal, socialising and the coffee afterwards went really well too and we had a good few hours together. But, after they'd left I realised I hadn't taken a single picture during the whole evening. Instead you will have a nice view of my lawn mower in my uncut grass.

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