Geum Urbanum

Had to get up early as I was expecting a parcel.  Once it had been delivered I went back to bed for a bit.   Then this afternoon I went out to the Co-op.  Weather was the same as its been every day this week - dull with no sunshine ... but warm.  Co-op was quite busy.  They even had to open a second checkout.

I saw this little yellow flower in the back lane but didn't know what it was  so I checked on the PlantNet app on my phone.   Found out its called Geum Urbanum - also commonly known as Wood Avens, St. Benedict's Herb or Blessed Herb. The flower develops into the hooked burr that is the seed head - as seen in my blip collage.  The species name urbanum just means urban (of the town or city). It is a species closely  associated with man as it grows well on disturbed ground but also the burrs that carry the seeds tend to stick to men and their animals and so follow them around. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting the Flower Friday challenge and also Miranda1008 for hosting WildflowerWeek.

Steps today - 7,657

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