By AndrewFH

Stile in a wall

Summer has returned and it feels as if we have gone back a season. This stile is in the middle of a stone wall. It is on a footpath that was once used by miners walking to the pithead on the other side of the ridge. They would then have had to walk to the coal face under ground before walking back home. What is not clear from the photograph is the way that the steps have a hollowed surface from the hobnails on the miners boots. The extra shows another section of the same path across the field. The field was once the site of an iron age fort and after that a Roman fort. Today it hosts a barley crop waiting to be harvested.
A productive day commenting on the images in the latest UPP folio and taking the garden rubbish to the recycling depot this morning. This afternoon cleaning my car inside and out that was long overdue and therefore took sometime.

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