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Liesbeth and her poem

At the end of yesterday's party, some people slipped away without me seeing them. I had little gifts for those who had helped or taken part.

Our friend Liesbeth wrote a poem about Mum (see below). I tracked her down in her garden where she was pruning a large bush. Like everyone I have spoken to today, she had enjoyed yesterday afternoon.

It's less than half a mile to her house, but I was tired when I came back up the hill.

The day has been quite busy. The marquee people arrived before 9 to take down the two tents. I think the grass will recover quite quickly.

Two lots of "chair fairies" came to recover their chairs.

Margret came for her trays and we could not locate the fifth one. We looked everywhere. Since I borrowed trays from only two people, I had planned to escape such problems. The tray did reappear later in the day.

Likewise, I could not find the last two boxes for the champagne flutes. All but 10 glasses have been through the dishwasher and are sparkling.

More flowers arrived, these from Kevin and his wife in County Durham. They are gorgeous.

I sent some copy to the Hexham Courant and they plan to publish an article about Mum on Thursday. 

I have run out of time to send thank yous to the helpers tonight. Tomorrow is another day.

We have raised nearly £2000 for the charity PCDC which is marvellous.

Here is the poem:


The bell of St. Peter’s
Was busy today:
One hundred chimes
Soon after midday
To celebrate Rene,
With thousands of cheers,
Who’s reached the great age

She knows all our birthdays;
Gives each of her friends
Cards she has painted,
And often she sends
Her gorgeous embroideries
We all so adore:
Nobody, nobody could ask for more.

Her love for her Chapel,
For music and plays;
Her razor sharp brain
Used in so many ways.
You did not want presents,
But we worked out a scheme:
Here’s what you love dearly:
Some Strawb’ries and Cream….

Thank you all for your good wishes yesterday. My blip is near the top of the Popular page. I was not content with the image and have done a new one today (see extra)

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