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By walkingMarj

Continuing the theme

There was more sorting out and clearing up to do today.

I finished washing all the champagne flutes and then boxed them up to take to the wine shop this afternoon. I went there via a visit to one of the helpers to say thank you and to the tip with a few extra rubbish bags.

Majestic wines computer system is challenging the staff. Despite my details being entered twice, I could not be found, but the assistant found a way to discover my transactions. I was refunded for the glasses and the three bottles of champagne we did not drink.

I did a supermarket hit on Aldi then came home for a much needed sleep. I can't believe how tired I am.

This morning Mum and I had a video call with my cousin Margaret in Australia. We saw Margaret and her husband Peter. It was lovely. They have not seen their daughter of grandchildren since the beginning of the pandemic. Tough times. The lockdowns in Australia have been very tight.

Tonight I called to see Margret (next door) and Margaret and Brian (across the road). It was nice to catch up.

I started to put up more cards around the house this evening. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of them. Some blippers may recognise the ones they sent, although I did not manage to find them all for this display.

Most of the embroidered and hand painted ones are here.

And so to bed........

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