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The Devil's Punchbowl

In order to continue the birthday celebrations, here is the link to a delightful video prepared for Mum by Kevin, youngest son of Margret (next door). The singer is his wife Lorraine and Kevin does vocal harmonies, plays violin and keyboard. The filming was done not many miles from here: the old ferry crossing to Barrasford; the Meeting of the Waters at Warden. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you watch to the end.

Despite being tired, I went with the Intermediate walkers on a fairly flat walk near to Shafto Crags and beside Bolam Lake. It was sunny and hot all day. You can see G, the only walker to climb the Devil's Punchbowl. You can't tell, but there is a long, steep drop on the far side.

One of the deep cups in the sandstone was used at an 18th Century wedding and was filled with wine for guests. It takes several gallons (I'm told)!

When we arrived the car park we wanted to use was locked. Someone phoned a number by the parking machine and an official arrived after about 15 minutes. He was a bit disgruntled that we had not just moved to another carpark and were blocking the road (we weren't). One person, ill advisedly entered into a verbal exchange and was told not to abuse a council official. Ouch.

When we returned this evening, three cars had parking tickets. Each owner had accidentally put the ticket face down on the windscreen in their hurry to start the walk. Ouch indeed! The tickets were issued about 10 minutes after we left the car park.

Apart from that, it was a lovely day and a lovely walk. In my extra, you can see my friends trying to answer the question, "How many walkers does it need to open a pub umbrella?"

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