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By walkingMarj

Arriving at dusk

I was busy with last minute things all morning. I thought it was going fairly well until Margret (next door) phoned to say she would pick me up at 1.30. This was an hour ahead of schedule, but it did momentarily panic me!

Calm restored and I continued to do things like set the radiators and put stewed apple in the freezer….

So far, my journey has gone well. The trains to Newcastle and onwards to Kings Cross were on time. Now I am tucked up in my sleeper berth.

The last time I took a sleeper was on a wonderfully romantic journey from Botswana to Rhodesia in 1973 when I was a medical student. The compartments were small but roomier than this one!

On the train to London I heard about the Queen’s death from one of the train staff. She came to the throne about 3 weeks after I was born, but the news was no surprise. (Mobility problems of course, but they were not enough to stop her functioning. I wonder if we will be told the cause of death, not that it matters.)

At Kings Cross I expected news sellers to be shouting the news, but things looked the same as normal. This young woman was posing for her friend against the backdrop of a wonderful blue sky. A few minutes later and the golden hour was over.

Wish me luck getting to sleep tonight!

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