By pensionspoet

Mean me

It is very late because I have been busy all evening filling in a form on my computer which I had to get done today. Consequently at 10.15 no blip photo. Although there should have been one as I went for a lovely swim in the sea at Cromer after work and Mollie took a pic, but on her phone! She is asleep now so I can't get it!

It has been a long hot day in the summerhouse today. From 2.30 onwards it was hard to concentrate so I was glad to finish at 4 and go to collect Mollie. So that is when I had the idea to go for a swim and was lucky to get a parking spot close to the coast. It was lovely and refreshing, not too cold although I did wear my wetsuit because of my hrt patch on my leg. I already messed one up this week! I will need to take her in tomorrow and pick her up but hopefully the hire car will be coming tomorrow and the garage are also collecting her damaged car to assess it. So it is just wait and see.

Today is Daniel's 26th birthday. It doesn't seem possible that I've been a mum for 26 years. Happy birthday to my handsome, clever and fun loving first born. And pleeeeeease be careful on that motorbike. X

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