By ArcLight

Peak (late) lily

When we went to a well known DIY/Garden Centre type place a couple of weeks ago, we couldn’t resist this asiatic lily, just coming into flower. It’s already offered a couple of weeks of pleasure, and surely will do another couple of weeks. We’re hoping it will overwinter and provide later summer cheer next year as well.

It was another day substantially devoted to the balcony, and also to shopping for a Sunday lunch we are cooking tomorrow. Our trip to the butcher’s on Great Junction Street was disappointing, so we girded our loins and went to Stockbridge and managed to get parked on a side street not too far away. We not only stocked up on meat for tomorrow (and for the freezer), but also bought some fish for tonight and tomorrow, and some cheese (not from Mellis - too far away, but the other (newer?) cheese shop). 

We thought we had everything we needed for planting out the stuff that we got from Crocus in the week, but in the end we needed (yet) more compost, so our loins were girded yet again and we plodded through terrible traffic (and after taking various detours) to the same well known DIY/Garden Centre place on the ring road. Luckily the traffic was not so bad coming home although there was a problem at the bottom of Lochend Road which necessitated a further detour. So we’ve probably spent too much of the day in the car.

Anyway, the balcony is looking good, the troughs are planted out (quite substantially with bulbs so there is nothing to show), and *we* *will* *not* *buy* *any* *more* *plants* this year.

I cooked some sea bass fillets and roasted vegetables, with a blueberry jus for dinner, and it was delicious and well outside my normal comfort zone, and then we sat on the balcony with a beer until it got a bit chilly. But the fresh air and fresh breeze was much appreciated, and the door is still open now.

Anyway, it was a reasonably satisfying day, but obviously a fairly quiet one. Looking forward to meeting some people tomorrow!

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