Everyday Life

By Julez

Way To Go, Jeri!

After a lazyish morning we headed over to see Jeri and family this afternoon.

Yesterday she took part in the Robin Hood 100 mile race . She did it last year too, and finished last, but this year she was 5th in the women's race and got a personal best overall time, and another PB for a split time. This is the back of her medal that she is proudly displaying. 

There's an extra of her looking like she has just ran 100 miles, showing off the front of it too! I'd tried to make them a collage but could not get them to fit right.

She has a sore knee, blistered feet and is understandably exhausted. She says she does it because it is good to test the limits and find out exactly what you are capable of, and it is worth all the pain! I wish I had half her drive and energy!

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