By pensionspoet


Tonight I made a birthday card for my aunty whose birthday is on Friday. It is special so I used my home made paper, and some dried petals from dad’s rose. She will appreciate it I know. She and dad both married into the Whitaker’s so had a bond as brother in law and sister in law, because they were both outsiders. She isn’t on Facebook, so no danger of her seeing it!

We had a brisk 10 minute walk this morning before work, and I finished early for a Drs appointment at 3.15. Sorted out more HRT stuff to try this month, then got back to work at 4.45 for an hour to make up my hours.

A brisk walk with Moll to the allotment after work, before cooking a curry for tea. We are having to be even more careful with the ingredients and have reduced drastically the coconut milk we add, because of the saturated fat. It would do us all some good, not just Jon.

Some tv now and perhaps some mice need to be made as I now have all those frames to fill. With the evenings now drawing in, I don’t have light in the conservatory in the evenings. I need to organise myself, so will do some planning!

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