By carliewired

The Wait

For someone with no
patience, a wait can become
so unbearable

~ carliewired

It was just 8 C when I drove away from the house at 6:30. I'd added another layer with a fleece, but I refuse to give in to socks and shoes. 
The sky was clear. I had hopes for some dawning light.

As I drove down the hill I heard via the radio that part of the Rivers Trail in the downtown has been closed due to a bear siting. I thought it best to stay away from that area today. I chose the north shore with a view of the railway bridge. 

There was a bit of colour on the horizon as I walked up to the Rivers Trail. I waited for that first beam of light over the mountain. Meanwhile, my toes were getting cold in my Birkenstocks and my hands were chilly holding the camera. A very long coal train proceeded slowly across the bridge heading west. Curiously, this train had Canadian Pacific engines, yet this is the Canadian National line. 

While I was waiting on the sunrise, a friend who's been in hospital for 5 weeks called. I've not had any response in over a week so I was rather concerned to find this missed call. 

When I arrived back home with my drive-thru breakfast, I returned the call and was relieved to hear he could be home next Monday. 

As I'm working on my blip and sipping my coffee, I am waiting on the furnace guys to arrive. They are scheduled for today and tomorrow to install my two new furnaces. 

We have a beautiful sunny day ahead of us. A high of 18 C is forecast. 
I will spend another day with my sewing machine. 

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