By carliewired

With the Lights On

Cloudy and damp with
some hopes of clearing midday,
a fall day unfolds

~ carliewired

I delayed my departure until 6:30 but still needed my headlights this morning. I arrived at Riverside Park to find the lights on there. It was 10 C and everything was wet from the rain overnight. 

I walked to the pier hoping I might see some colour in the sky at dawn. No luck today. 

The Rocky Mountaineer, based in Kamloops, was rolling into the downtown. It provides rail tours through the Canadian Rockies. 

I walked to the end of the pier and  up the path by Heritage House and back to my car. 

I had my breakfast in hand from the drive-thru and was home again by 7:30. 

Just as well that I was planning a quiet day at home. The forecast is rain and cloud with a high of 15 C.

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