By carliewired

The Slough

The ducks got my full
attention this morning and
I could stay all day!

~ carliewired

Apparently, there was a dazzling sunrise this morning - and I missed it! 
I'd promised to drop off a parcel this morning 'early' as is my usual habit. I woke up at 10 to 8 amazed that I had slept that long without interruptions. I had to text my apologies and hastily dress and get out the door. 

I collected my drive-thru breakfast once the parcel had been delivered. I took my breakfast to McArthur Island. It was 12 C and mostly cloudy. 

I took a walk through the Butterfly Garden looking for insects on flowers. It gives my little camera a chance at closeups. I chatted with the city worker who was tidying up the flower beds. I learned that the hibiscus that bloomed there so beautifully this summer has gone back into the greenhouse for the winter. She said she only worked for the summer season and would be off work soon. That is why flower beds disappear in September. All clean up must be performed before the crew gets laid off. 

The ducks owned the slough today. I could have followed them around with my camera all day. The mallard drakes were not in their breeding colours so, for me, they are hard to spot. However, the wood duck drakes were stunning, as always. They look handpainted with blues, greens and rust. 

The slough is starting to shrink back as it does when the river level goes down. The surface of the slough is looking somewhat oily/scummy and I can see trails on the surface where the ducks have travelled. 

There is a load of debris under the pedestrian bridge. A lady explained that a number of safety cones had been tossed in by vandals. These cones interferred with the activities of our resident beavers. They couldn't move their branches through the collection of cones so it all remains a big tangle under the bridge. I am wondering if the city workers will clean it out before freeze up. 

I walked across the pedestrian bridge where I could look back to my little red bomber, the Butterfly Garden and my mountains.

I drained my coffee and took the rest of my breakfast home to finish while I worked on my blips. 

N should be back to work on my door. It's his birthday today, so I have a collection of craft beers waiting for him in my refrigerator. I'll be playing with fabric today. 

We have a cloudy day with some rain expected and a high of 18 C. 

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