By carliewired

Before the Rain

When there is no dawn,
I am at a complete loss
where to go for pics

~ carliewired

No sunshine this morning. I stalled my departure for as long as I dared in order to be home for the furnace guys returning. It was 13 C with grey overcast skies when I left the driveway. I felt some urgency to get out with my camera before the rain started. 

I decided I could do a hasty walkabout in the downtown. I parked beside Gaglardi Square and walked to First Avenue to view the Old Courthouse Then, I walked down to City Hall and back up to the corner of First Avenue to have a look at the Inland Cigar Factory. I returned to my little red bomber and was on my way home with a mere splash of rain on my windshield. 

Our mountain elevations had their first taste of snow this week. It was wet snow and didn't last long, but it was a reminder of winter to come. 

We can expect rain today and a high of 16 C. 

I will be home with the furnace guys. Here's hoping they have it all done and dusted before 5 PM. With any luck, I could get a wee nap in my recliner while they rattle around downstairs. 

Gaglardi Square

The Schuberts

Inland Cigar Factory (1895)

Old Courthouse

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