By carliewired

Clearing in the West

After the storm, the
puddles remain and the wind
blusters around us

~ carliewired

I left the house at 6:45. It was 11 C and the sky was looking very grim. 

I did things out of order today. I collected my groceries, my drive-thru breakfast and then headed out past the airport where I could see some blue sky on the horizon. 

We had a cold front with a storm roll over us yesterday and overnight. This morning all is wet and the wind is still rattling things around.

The wetlands were very quiet this morning. The bird count on the pond was very low. There were only a few ducks, three herons and one pelican for me today. The pond has grown somewhat with the rain we've received. The sagebrush on the hills is blooming. The yellow shows up dramatically against the hillsides. The wind is high, tipping the small trees backwards near the pond. 

I drove over to Tranquille Farms and watched a kestrel hunting in the pastures. He perched on a fence post and watched the grass below him. I caught his backside. This is a summer visitor and he should be on his way south for the winter. 

I've got to get out to the fabric store for some pieces to match a quilt in progress. I will collect my kombucha from my daughter who keeps me well supplied. Perhaps there will be time for a nap. 

We're looking for a high of 16 C today with gusting winds and a mix of sun and clouds. 

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