While on my runs

By waipushrink

What HAS it got?

After ending my working (from home) day, I ran down to the steps and then down the steps to a very unoccupied Southend. Therefore, headed around the point to go along Fidelis bneach to the steps up to Highfield Reserve. About halfway along the beach I spotted a Tarapunga (red-billed gull) with something in its mouth. It was very intent on getting further away from me and after a half dozen photos of which this was the clearest view of the catch. As I left the sand to walk around the end of the southern promontory, I saw that the Tarapunga was being chased in the air by three or four others. 

Up at Highfield I got a photograph of my 51st bird for the year; a European Goldfinch

After 20 new cases yesterday (three in the Waikato) we have had another  22 today. The Government has decided to ease the restrictions to Level 3. This is still a lockdown with many people still unable to work. I will remain working from home. People will be able to expand their bubbles a little, meaning that J can join C and her boys. And so many people are anticipating with pleasure being able to get tale away coffees, and take aways of all sorts.

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