Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Old School

When I was in The Mall yesterday, I saw a long table set up and covered over. It looked to me like a buffet table, so I asked the Security man what was happening. He said, "there's an event taking place soon." I guess there's nothing like stating the obvious.

Later, I saw that it was a book display, and today, I got to see it up close mainly because G was interested. It's heartening to see that in this day and age, books still have a high profile. They might be expensive (especially over here), but they are still very much in demand, judging by the range of genres and variety. The two books on Michelle and Barrack Obama made me wonder how many couples have a book written about each of them individually?! :))

So, the day began with my alarm failing, so I couldn't get showered and dressed and at my desk by 8 am. I was half an hour late and managed to do an hour before I had to leave to drive G to school. Ninety minutes later, I picked her up and then we had a catch up with Patrick. We went back to The Mall, which is where I got my blip.

It was good to see Patrick after months. G & he had loads to chat about, and then he offered to help with my YouTube channel. Home for the rest of the day. I had a busy afternoon working, ironing etc. G made a delicious roast meal for dinner. A great way to start the weekend!

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