By JohnW

The New Toy

After blipping yesterday’s blip at ten o’clock this morning I thought I should blip what was blamed for my late uploading.
So this is the beast in action.  The kitchen worktop will NOT be its normal place of residence, nor place of work (he says), however it’s so compact it could wind up anywhere, and it’s quiet enough to use anywhere as well.
It is designed to top up airguns, but it is fine for topping up small bottles as well.  It just pauses if it gets too hot.  British design, made in Briton in Sheffield, and built like a brick khazi.  It has cost about three time as much as I had thought to pay, so I hope it lives up to its reputation and promise.  
Those keen of eyesight may have spotted that the pressure on the gauge on the bottle is different to that on the control panel in the insert.  That is because the shots were taken at different times - not even filling the same bottle.
So the Ws have got back to target shooting in the garden.  I see the hedges have been trimmed on the A15, so blue flashy light pinging could well be back on the cards . . .  (You don’t have to believe everything I write?!)

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