By mollyblobs


We're very busily trying to wrap up most of the year's fieldwork while the fine weather lasts, so this morning Pete and I made a last visit to Splash Lane. In truth, we didn't add much to the information from our previous visits, though there were a few new arable plants, and Pete added a few autumn insects, including the now ubiquitous Ivy Bee. The Bristly Ox-tongue was putting on a good show of flowers, and was being visited by a variety of hoverflies, solitary bees and an occasional Small Copper.  

In the afternoon our gas boiled received its annual service. It's very much on its last legs, but we want to replace it with a non-fossil fuel heating system. The problem is, we're not sure what this should be, as heat pumps don't really appear to be a viable option for our rather large and rambling house...

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