By Bella888

Flu Queue

Nearly forgot.

Was chatting away with a friend, the usual format: social activities, our men, and finally on to aches and pains. OMG, that reminded me, this morning 9-12 was the flu jab clinic.

So quick shower and got to Westbourne at 11’ish, to be confronted by a massive queue snaking round the corner. Mr B said we’ll return next Saturday. But the queue was moving quickly, so we hung on, and 20mns later reached our goal.

Then bus to Poole. The ‘fast ones’ were packed. So opted for No 16 which does the back streets and has rubbish suspension. Saw residential areas we didn’t know existed.

Walked through the Dolphin Square, had a coffee, to Poole Quay where there was a Seafood Festival. Super crowded, so walked past quickly and back to the bus station, popping into Primark and H&M briefly.

Overcast and drizzly, the forecast sun didn’t materialise. Tired now.

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