An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Hello Autumn...

Wet dog, muddy puddles, rain, wind, heavyweight jacket, beanie hat....autumn has landed.

We were going to have soup for lunch (another indicator autumn has arrived) but a last minute change of mind saw us having a cheese and ham toastie instead.  With salad for the feel good factor! lol

David spent the morning finishing clearing out his area of the study so I could go in this afternoon and tackle my desk.  

Since I am rarely in the study my desk has become a bit of a dumping ground, so there was a fair bit of clearing out to do!  Of course it wasn't a problem to do it as I am highly motivated to get the room converted to my art room.  It took till almost 5pm to get it done but as I'd expected it to take much longer, I was happy with that.

Tomorrow morning David will move his desk so it's in front of the window, and will swap his drawers for mine.  The iMac will be move to what was my desk.  He will also move the storage cabinet from the corner of the study to where his desk was, freeing up that entire corner and wall space for new storage.  

I am hoping by tomorrow evening all the art materials that are currently on the dining table will be on my desk, the art storage unit that currently sits beside me at the dining table will be in the study too.  There is a huge pile of frames that also need to go into the study.  They can go in the corner space vacated by the cabinet until the new storage arrives (still to be ordered)

Not having to redecorate the room as I love it as it is (white woodwork and blueberry white on the walls.  Just need to contact the local flooring specialist to measure up for new flooring.  We're getting there!  :-)

Watched the final episode of Vigil.  Enjoyed the series.  Found it quite thought provoking.

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