By JohnW

4G or not 4G, that is the question . . .

Just reflecting on the solution to a problem that has been going on for months.
We have been blaming our Freeview box for bad reception with the picture breaking up at regular intervals while the teli and satellite were fine.  This has been getting steadily worse and mostly in the evenings.
After a very bad attack last week I did a lot more digging, looking at better aerials etc when this built in 4G filter option became prominent.   A bit more digging revealed a major problem where the 4G network interferes with the digital tv reception - doh, what have you been doing lad, and apologies to Humax for taking your name in vain.  The problem got suddenly worse when last week I moved the anemometer - it just happens to have been in direct line with our local 4G transmitter and must have provided a bit of a shield.
So a cheap inline filter before the box acquired on ‘same day delivery’ proved the point, and this tiny outdoor filter will be going up between the aerial and the masthead amplifier on the next sunny day, tomorrow with any luck, but not if it’s like today - stair rods out there at the moment.
Many thanks to JDO for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

ps - other 4G filters are available . . .

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