Tattie Howking

The field to the East of "The Policies" is a major source of noisy activity as the potatoes are finally lifted and taken away to be stored in wooden crates.

The extra shows a seagull looking for earthworms, many being exposed as the machinery progresses the field.

Changed days from when school pupils were given time off to go "Tattie Howking".

Another Zoom meeting of the Probus Club. The subject today is the Fife Group of The Scottish Wildlife Trust. The speaker gave an excellent well illustrated presentation and highlighted the various areas under their care in The Kingdom.

Hugh and Jane McI had lunch with us today. It is several years since we last met. They spend most of their time up north. It was good to catch up.

California Girl keeps up with Jane via Facebook. Much of the conversation was news to me.

Hugh is convalescing after undergoing an operation to replace his left knee joint. All seems well with the replacement part.

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