Everyday Life

By Julez

I've been expecting you, Mr. Bond...

Hairdo day today and it has been tidied up very nicely! Had to be up and into town early as I had a bit of shopping to get before going to my appointment.

On the way home I called at the local chippy where I used to work to collect my wages from my boss - he owns that shop too. It is almost unrecognisable inside from when I worked there. 

Today is my son Zeph's birthday. Not the most exciting he has ever had - it is his day off, but he has to have a very early night as he is due to start work at 2:30 AM! (In his younger days I'm sure he would have gone out and gone straight to work...) We had a take-away for lunch, and he chose Taco Bell which has recently opened two branches in Lincoln. 

Grace took me down to the store - she'd planned to get a burger from the nearby KFC as we realised Taco Bell did nothing Vegan. Turns out KFC have stopped doing the Vegan alternative in its Lincoln stores...Shame! She ended up dropping me off, going out again and getting herself a Subway. I really thought all the big brands would offer some Vegan alternatives these days. 

Work last night was more peaceful thankfully. We had one awful, angry racist man ranting at Watan which was pretty grim. Watan did well not to lose his temper, and we managed to encourage the guy to go home before it turned really nasty! The rest of the customers were lovely though!

We even had a charming couple of guys in dressed as James Bond - they had just been to the local premiere of the latest Bond movie, and they dressed for the occasion. I think the movie inspired the flower shop in town too!

This afternoon I watched last nights' Superleague play-off semi-final between Catalans Dragons and Hull KR. I wanted the Dragons to win of course, and I will be shouting for them in the final too since they did manage to win - quite convincingly in the end!

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