Everyday Life

By Julez

Pigeon Pool Party

This (Again) was not my intended Blip. I had taken a photo of a pretty rain-bedecked flower in Metheringham but it came up "Too Small" again! I tried resizing it but to no avail as it looked weirdly pixelated and still would not upload anyway. So here's a pic of the first thing I saw in the park instead!

My Dad is OK after his CT scan at Grantham hospital and was ravenous due to the enforced starvation yesterday! He ate one of his "Meals on Wheels" dinners and a quiche for afters and he was already thinking about tea-time. I had a few minor jobs to deal with over there so the time went fast.

Grace collected me so I can have a little break before having to go to work. I'm really tired and I'm ready for a rest.

Last night at the shop was chaos! I thought my old job had drama but it was nothing compared to this. One of my colleagues is (Justifiably in my view) unhappy with one or two things at the shop - including being required to work long hours on his own. The boss and he seem to be having a little battle of wills, and I have been involuntarily caught in the middle which I'm not too happy about. 

Add to that a pair of drunk, arrogant 40something "Lads" wanting freebies and despite getting a better-than-normal deal deciding it would be a right larf to steal our one and only salt pot! The end of the night was very busy, probably due to televised pub football and we were late with the end-of-night jobs!

I was not sorry to go home, and I'm not sorry that my weeks' shift is finished tonight! Hopefully cooler heads will prevail going forward!

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