By Veronica

Out for a walk

I know it doesn't look like it, but I didn't like any of my photos of the actual walk. The walking group has started up again ... it's so long since I've done any serious walking that I decided to break myself in very gently with the Friday afternoon Rando Santé -- 4 km and 0 metres of climbing, along the Canal du Midi between the Ecluse de l'Ognon and Homps.

It turns out the main muscle exercised in this group is the tongue ... 27 people (too many), and chatting non-stop all the way. The Ecluse d'Ognon is a double lock, and we spent a good 20 minutes standing watching three boats squeezing into the chambers and out again (extra). I think the pilots had done it before because they were pretty good at manouevring.

Then we stopped again at the next lock, catching up with the boats, and once more when we got to Homps. Plus a few stops for mislaid people to catch up. So the 4 km walk took 2 1/2 hours. I was actually quite tired when I got back, but I think ambling and standing around can be more tiring than just walking fairly briskly. I may have to reconsider this getting fit strategy.

Anyway. Nice door! S has had a more scenic and energetic day. His photos this week have been lovely.

Back home, I am trying to make Catalan Pan de Cristal. Current status: sourdough soup.

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