By pandammonium


Thank you for all the love on the onset of my recent migraine. You’re great!

My furry nurse was around most of the time, and Mr Pandammonium kept me fed and watered. It’s hungry work having a migraine!

It improved over the next few days, but I got a (normal) headache one night, which I hoped would be gone by morning, but wasn’t. I was wiped out. I’m back to normal now.

I ventured out today. I wasn’t up to shopping on my usual day last week, and we were running out of food, so I had to go out today.

I noticed that Tesco’s petrol station was closed, probably because of the same sort of behaviour that stopped me getting to Sainsbury’s before and a lack of lorry drivers to bring a refill. As I left Tesco, a car pulled onto the roundabout and drove all the way round past the petrol station exit, then drove along what looked suspiciously like the way to Sainsbury’s.

The weather was being changeable, and I thought I might see a rainbow. I did when I got out of Ely. I parked in a ‘lay-by’ near the entrance to what was Oxford’s boathouse last year to take a photo. The rainbow was short and wide. I reckon it would have been massive if it had been complete. It was lovely.

Plant identifiers: what’s the tree in the extras? My guess is beech.

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