After yesterday’s abysmal weather, it was a joy to wake up this morning to the sun streaming in through our bedroom window.

Our friend, Sue, arrived just after 10 o’clock so after a cup of coffee and a slice of early Christmas cake - cake made to her Mum’s special recipe - we set off for Leyburn, driving through beautiful North Yorkshire countryside.  The autumn colours are not that evident yet, but it was still a lovely drive.  

We love to see old stone walls, and of course, living near the Cotswolds, are well used to dry stone walls, but the walls up here are quite different.  Whereas the Cotswold stone walls tend to be made with fairly flat stones, the ones we saw today were made from much larger stones and apparently, there are over 5,000 miles of stone walls in the Yorkshire Dales, with most marking field boundaries or land ownership.

Once in Leyburn we wandered around and ended up in a pub for lunch - we haven’t seen Sue for some years, so it was good to catch up with her again.

I was looking for another stuffed toy to become part of the Silly Saturday Group and managed to find one in a little shop that sold all sorts of knick knacks - and this one was in the “Sale” bin, so was a bargain - a lovely little dog - which I have decided to call "Leyburn", after the town in which he was bought.  I think he will have a good time with JHTed and his friends, and I’m sure will enjoy getting up to mischief with them all.  Today, I had only taken Snowy on the trip, mainly because she was dressed all in pink - and you all know the significance of that during Pinktober.

On our way home, through Swaledale, I asked Mr. HCB to stop by a wall, which he kindly did so Snowy and Leyburn hopped up on top so that I could take a photograph.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the clicking, but I will, just in case you have forgotten.  So that those who cannot afford to pay for a mammogram can have one free, if you click on this LINK, they will all be very grateful.  

We called in to the Station in Richmond, where there were lots of craft shops, so a little meander around there before having a coffee and an ice cream finished off our day - see extra - except it didn’t quite - because when we got back to our cottage, we sat outside in the sunshine and had another coffee and a piece of my famous mincemeat cake.  

“I’m battling cancer; 
     it’s another battle I intend to win” 
Arlen Specter

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments for yesterday’s raindrops blip, all of which are much appreciated.

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