I decided this morning to try and clear some of the books, photograph albums and other “stuff” from my small room upstairs to get it ready to be redecorated soon.  I didn’t realise just how much that would entail but was determined to press on and try not to look at things as I moved them into boxes.  I thought it might be a good idea to put some of the books into one of our large suitcases, which could then be wheeled into another spare bedroom - and what a good job I did because I could never have lifted it and as strong as Mr. HCB is, I doubt he could have lifted it either.  

Partway through this task we had a message on our Church Whatsapp page, from our friend, Susan, asking for prayer for her and the family as they went to be with their Mother, Mary, at the nursing home where she has lived for several years, as the staff felt that she was nearing the end of her life.  

I immediately went out into the garden and told Mr. HCB, then rang another friend to let her know before coming in and praying that Mary’s passing would be a peaceful one and that God would be with her and her family as they said their "Goodbyes".

Mary and I go back a long time - she was my Sunday School teacher when I went to Gorse Hill Baptist Church more than 70 years ago and was a big influence in my young life.  Although Mary was a teacher in her working life, I only knew her at Sunday School and I remember how animated she was whenever she talked about Jesus and told us stories from the Bible.  Mary was firm, but fair - and I’m sure there are many, like me, who have cause to be grateful for her guidance and love during our formative years and our early Christian lives.  She was also what we would call a “Prayer Warrior”;  as I grew older, if ever I had something that was worrying me, I knew I could always ask Mary to pray - and she would, then she would call me to ask how I was and how things were going - she was such a caring lady.

After praying, I went back upstairs but couldn’t really settle and when I came across a box marked “Treasures” I had to open it and look inside.  I found so many lovely letters and cards that have been sent over the years, all our Silver Wedding Anniversary cards, the decorations from the top of the cake we had made and also this beautiful journal, which my friend, Marylou, who used to Blip, sent to me a few years ago - with a beautiful Bible verse inscribed on the cover  - and amazingly, it is pink! 

Also in this box is a book that I had used back in 1967/8 before our wedding, which contained all sorts of information about my dress, the flowers, the names and addresses of guests, the gifts they had given us etc etc.  The Mother’s Day card is quite old too, as it was signed just by both our sons - so probably dates back to the 1980s.  You can imagine what memories all these treasures  brought back as I sat and looked through them all!

I don’t think I will do any more clearing and sorting out today - I’m not intending to start decorating for a while, so there’s no rush and I still have lots of boxes of photographs to plough through - but there’s always tomorrow and the next day.

Please remember to click on this link so that those who cannot afford to pay can have a free mammogram.  Thank you.

I found this beautiful quote in a book entitled “Benedictus” by John O’Donohue, sent to me by another lovely Blip friend, and it made me think of Mary.

“May you see the reflection
     of your life’s kindness and beauty
          in all that tears that fall for you.”
John O’Donohue 

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