The second half of life..

By twigs

Unloved flowers

Who doesn't smile when they see a beautiful patch of daisies sitting up, smiling at the world?  Does it matter if they're in your lawn?  I think not.  As far as I'm concerned, "weeds" are just unloved flowers.  As I love daisies, they can't be weeds.  I also love dandelion flowers and seed heads (such a fascinating life cycle), so they can't be weeds either.  Dandelions (see extra) with no flowers or seeds heads however, are weeds, as are several (many) other leafy, flower-less growths in my garden.  

Today, thanks to lovely neighbour J, I managed to get my lawn mowed despite my mower being consigned to the fixits for the weekend.  Have to say, their mower did do a very good job too :)  Knowing that my lawn friends would be given I shake up I took the opportunity to snap them first.  What lovely little rays of sunshine they are :)

In COVID news there were an alarming 44 new cases announced today.  By this evening, a late press conference was called to announce also that Northland will be going up to Level 3.  With all of Auckland, parts of Waikato and now all of Northland in Level 3, each with new cases, it's beginning to look more and more like we're losing the battle.  Let's just hope we win the war.  As for the "team of 5-million"......there are a few out there who haven't played a team game at all.  I'd be tempted to put them on the transfer list.

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