An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

McFly in concert...

Been a hectic little day although I had a leisurely start :-)

After lunch Ally, Alan and Andrew headed off out to go ten pin bowling.  I decided to make malteser tiffin with the left over maltesers.  Andrew can take this home with him tomorrow to share with his seven siblings! 

I was organised this week and posted birthday cards to various friends whose birthdays are imminent.  Got a text from Natalie thanking me for her card...except her birthday isn't till 28th November!  Hahahaha...sometimes being too organised is just as bad as being disorganised!  

This evening Andrew appeared with his hair sprayed bright orange and a green face!  Gave us the fright of our lives by sneaking up on D and me, which of course was the point!  lol  He had to have a shower to get it all off. I suspect it will take more than one shower to wash it all away completely :-)  

After getting showered he put his PJs on and he and Alan decided to watch McFly in concert.  They were supposed to see them live in Glasgow two weeks ago but we decided being in such a large crowd was too risky so they missed out.  They made up for it tonight.  Music blaring, lights flashing, Andrew dancing (he sat down quickly when he saw me approaching :-)) Lola barking and Alan breathless laughing.  Great fun.

As usual, Andrew is making sure we have dates in the diary for his next visit.  It will be a month from now.  He can rest easy :-)))

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