An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Red and gold...

No time to dawdle this morning as it was Workshop 7 of the RPS Photoshop for the Creative Flower photographer course, which started at 10am.  David, meanwhile, made copious amounts of French toast for Andrew!  That lad can eat!

I left my video switched off while on the zoom workshop because Linda was coming to cut my hair just as the workshop ended, so my wet hair was wrapped in a towel and I didn't want to appear like that on the recorded version of the workshop!  lol

This morning's session was good but I am getting myself confused with layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, smart filters, stamp layers...I hope it will make more sense once I am actually playing in photoshop and not just taking notes.  

Session over and Linda arrived and hair is now cut.  After asking her just for trims over the summer, it had become quite long at the back so it was time for more drastic action.  Two inches off the back has me looking a bit more tidy.

After lunch I cut the Malteser tiffin into squares and gathered the majority of it together into a tin foil parcel for Andrew to take home with him.  He'd spent the morning looking for a holiday house for us all next year and after starting with a short list of four, whittled it down to one.  Turns out it was the holiday house we stayed in in North Devon in 2018.  We would happily return there but suspect it would have to be 2023 as the house is very popular and I am sure will be fully booked for next year.

It was a dry and sunny (but chilly) afternoon so we spent some time in the garden taking stock of what needs to be done.  I have a list of tasks that I will attempt to take care of on Wednesday morning when David will be putting the Gin Palace to bed for the winter.   I'm not too sad at the thought of that as we've had a lovely summer weather wise with lots of time spent in the garden and Gin Palace, but more importantly, with family and friends.  Here's hoping that continues and this Christmas can return to being a family time.

After that  it was time for Andrew to head home so Jordan and Alan took him to Perth to meet up with him mum.  As he left he told me it's 28 sleeps till he returns.  I don't doubt his accuracy!  :-))

After a hectic couple of days we took the easy route and had a Chinese takeaway for dinner, whilst watching Strictly results.  I was happy with the outcome :-)

Got a text from nephew Andrew to say he's feeling much better so he and Esme are coming for lunch on Tuesday.  Woo hoo! :-)))

More pics in extras.

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