By dunkyc


For the first time in what seems like an age, I woke up in the house on my own.

It’s always a slight adjustment on the weekend as there are no wee ones bursting into the bedroom for the first cuddle of the day, but also there are no wee ones bursting into the bedroom, so there is a little more time and space to come to!

Haven’t done an awful lot today, beyond some chores, pottering about this morning prior to a stroll into town for some supplies and when I came home, I decided just to relax for a while. I tried Squid Game on Netflix, but the bleakness of it all had me turning off an episode and a half in, in favour of some lighter comedy.

On that note, I met Russ for a few drinks this evening and the first words we said to each other before bursting into laughter were “FFS” (I’m abbreviating here, it’s Blip, we’ll save the fruity language for elsewhere) as we simultaneously realised that we were wearing the exact same jacket (see extra*) and had bought it in the sale that week. Great minds…

It’s always good having a catch up with him, we’re very similar (see above), good at pushing each other (metaphorically), basically do the same job and have the same childish sense of humour. Crucially, as two guys who work in insurance, we’re always given plenty of space wherever we happen to be. That’s my excuse anyway…  

Photo taken on the walk home.

In matching jackets.

*Note the silhouette created on our jackets from the classic selfie position - it would appear that I have a hand rendered in Minecraft mode....

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