By dunkyc


Freakishly continuing to remain on top of my work, I set out on my regular lunchtime wander, but walked my route THE WRONG WAY ROUND.

I know! We’re through the looking glass here, people….

It is strange though that even that simple act can give you a whole different view on things you’ve seen a hundred times before. Also, my umbrella is magic. I took it with me as the skies looked to be darkening and about to shed their load, when no sooner had I set off jauntily twirling the ‘brella about me like I was Rhianna, than did the clouds part and the sun broke through. Magic. It is the ONLY explanation.

The Eldest arrived home early and flustered (there’s this boy…), but she caught me in the middle of something and I gave her short shrift. Feeling guilty, I put the kettle on and made her a brew in MY favourite mug and we talked through what was causing her grief. As ever with anxiety, to those on the outside the central issue at hand is small and insignificant, but to the person dealing with it, it’s all-consuming with no positive outcome to be found, which causes the onset of fret. Fortunately, through the combo of brew, talk, hug and breathe she got herself out of it was good to go once more.

Before long Simmo had arrived and we set about catching up and cooking dinner, which consisted of an absolutely delicious salmon & asparagus cheesy risotto cooked by her with a Lotus Biscoff cheesecake made by me, which I am relieved to say turned out really well (see extra) and tasted damn good too! 

All that remained was a welcome late night chat and then a trip out to get The Eldest back to Ulverston before a very tired D returned home to crash into a fresh bed and PJs.

Great way to start the weekend!

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