By Winsford

dubh agus geal

I spotted this feather from one of our resident leucistic crows as we were returning from a walk through the Black Spout Woods. 

Jury Service Update: I spent the morning near my phone as instructed  but was not called.  I called back at 5.30 as instructed to receive an updated message. This message was clearer.  They will be selecting a jury for a trail which is due to start tomorrow afternoon and jurors have to be available for call until noon. If not called a further update will be provided after 5.30. This could prove interesting as, if selected, I would have to leave the house by 10 o'clock to get to the court by 2.00 pm. The waiting continues. 

I made good use of the waiting time this morning to catch up with u3a admin so at least I was more productive than if I had to wait at the court in person.  

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