An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


I just love this wee sign that now hangs on the door of our study my art studio :-))  Thank you LeeAnne you choose the best gifts :-)

When we moved all my art materials into the study and converted it into my studio space, I spent a few days getting everything sorted and tidied and took great pleasure in arranging a place for everything and putting everything in its place.

In the couple of weeks since, I've slowly realised that although everything has it's place, not everything is in the right place.  Turns out some things I thought I didn't use very often, I actually do, and things I thought I would use every day I've hardly touched and they are taking up valuable space on my desk, so today was the day to fix it.

Spent a very satisfying afternoon swapping things round, putting stuff in boxes, taking stuff out of boxes, rearranging my tables, and at last everything is where it should be.  It all makes sense and now when I need something, my hand goes directly to it, without me having to think about where I've put it :-) I feel I can now go in there and create something :-))

We also finally ordered the storage unit for the other corner.  I will store empty frames and my photography equipment in there.  It's a 12 week delivery so that corner will remain a bit of a dumping ground for now, although it has been tidied up.

Tomorrow's task is to get paintings on the walls.  It will be funny (in a good way) to see my work on display.  

Once that's done I need to get my finger out and get crocheting.  I've been distracted by crochet pumpkins and Christmas baubles, but I have two blankets to get completed as Christmas pressies and a 40th wedding anniversary pressie that involves crochet and art.  

Busy times ahead! :-))

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