Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Wandering palms

Today began rather dull and hazy but having decided to have a wander round London I caught the train to Waterloo as planned. I actually got off at Vauxhall and crossed the river, walking along the north bank, though public gardens, paid a visit to the 14th century Jewel Tower, forced my way through the throng of tourists around Westminster and photographed this wonderful Canary Island date palm at the foot of Lambeth Bridge.

By this time the sun was coming out and I recrossed the river by the Jubilee Bridge and walked some way along the South Bank, seeing many sights and exploring many obscure places. I finally wormed my way through the backstreets to Waterloo Station. My legs were killing me!

I did and saw so many things - far too many to describe here - and took 230 photographs!

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