By rainie

Linseed Flower

Generally this is grown in paddocks (fields for the UK-ites), but I've got it growing in my garden, and I love the pretty flowers and soft foliage.

Roofers here at 7.15 am and put in a good mornings work.....they were aware of the forecast of rain coming in early afternoon and finished the part they were doing before the rain hit.  I guess they will be back early again in the morning.   A nice group of men.

Covid - 60 new cases - Auckland to remain in Level 3 for another two weeks, Northland can now drop back to Level 2, and Waikato will remain in Level 3 until Friday when it will be looked at again.  So we're just trundling along, hoping to get the double jabbed up to and beyond 90%.....that's not happening that fast but the Super Saturday we have just had did help lots.


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