By Dakers

Me And My Shadow

I took today’s Blipfoto a few minutes after sunrise.

Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes. Many are presents given to Pat. This little guy is about 2 inches long and resides on top of a picture frame.

Although sunny, there is a cold wind out of the North. Certainly enough to encourage the use of padded coats.

A day for working from home on a variety of projects. Pat is working on sketches for the standing stone project, however, I doubt there will be much stone carving until the Spring.

Stone carving

 Another round of upgrading Apple software on the seven Apple devices currently in use. And I understand that another round is scheduled during the next few days.

Looking forward to the new Shetland Series starting tonight. I have read all of the books, but the visual delights of the Shetlands is a must see.

Pat received the letter from NHS Scotland confirming the appointment given over the phone for the flu and Covid booster vaccinations.

The Photo memories for today remind me it is 3 years since we visited the Scottish Air Museum. It seems like a different lifetime.

Pretty good photos though!

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