By Munroist4113

See what I mean?!

Well we didn’t eat all day because we knew the mammoth task ahead of us.

I slept little but happily listened to podcasts. I managed some fruit for breakfast then we set off for Peebles. We walked along the north side of the Tweed passing Neidpath Castle then crossed the river at a disused railway bridge. On the bridge we met a young Asian man who asked how he could get to the castle. He said our way ahead was either up a steep hill in the woods or through a railway tunnel. Jenny was apprehensive but we used our phone torches and continued though a lot of dripping water fell on us. After a bit she thought we should go back so we did although she found the steep path up
through the woods a challenge. We found our way back - the whole walk was only 4 miles.

Back at the hotel she had a snooze while I read Motherwell by Deborah Orr. It’s an easy read but well written. What a loss she is.

Our dinner was another gargantuan meal - I
was full after the first course. The owner/chef came to chat as we are the only guests. We said his food was delicious and we were sorry not to eat it all. He said locals liked a lot of meat.

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