Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

(Not a)Crow in the spotlight

It was rather chilly today - beautifully sunny but definitely a drop in the temperature. I had a much better night and did not wake up once, what a relief to sleep through without coughing. I did have some manuka honey and lemon juice in half a cup of hot water before I went to bed and maybe that helped?

I had a good walk on Esher Common with Xena this morning, she played with quite a few dogs. Then after lunch I went to Bushy Park to see if the rutting stags were about, and decided to take Xena with me. I left her in the car while I went to check out the situation - I never saw any deer, but then going in the afternoon I never really expected to do so. I did see the black swan who is newly resident there, and I liked this crow*, whose black feathers were looking beautifully blue in the sunlight, so he gets centre spot today.
* Paula has just informed me that this is a jackdaw, not a crow - sorry!

I then got Xena out the car and walked her on the lead - I don't think it is fair to the birds and exhausted* deer to have a dog off the lead chasing them. 
(*exhausted as during rutting season the red deer are so busy trying to keep their harem of females together and from fighting off the other stags that by the end of the rut they actually have lost weight and are exhausted, as there is no time for eating or sleeping)

A few weeks ago when we were in Norfolk we waited all day for the BT engineer to attend to install the wifi and after repeatedly being lied to about him being on his way, at the end of the day we were told he was never coming and was not even booked in for the job as the broadband cable had not been fitted yet in the lane. Now that it has been fitted, we made another appointment for the BT engineer to attend, and today was the day. We paid for someone to sit at the house from 7.30am this morning (an hourly rate!), it was meant to be an 8am-1pm call out and this person waited all day and once again, they did not attend! Gavin is now on the phone to BT, again being lied to saying 'he came at 10am and no one was there...' I am shocked at how awful their service has become, one can no longer rely on anything getting done in #BrokenBritain, it is quite appalling how a first world country such as this is now so inefficient.

As for the lack of action by the government to reinstate Covid social distancing measures, as has been advised by the medical authorities...we have been down this road many times before, you would think they would have learnt by now. Stay safe and wear your mask!

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