By Veronica

Seize the moment

I had to go to Lagrasse again, and as I saw how beautiful the light was, I had to make a little detour to Borde Rouge (so called because of the red earth) to take yet more vine photos. You can just see the house beyond the vines, half hidden by trees. It's a beautiful spot, and quite spectacular in autumn.

I was quite stumped by yesterday's caterpillar. I tried Google Lens on it, and it suggested a sphinx du liseron (convolvulus hawk moth). Which is what this one was. They don't look the same except in shape, but apparently there's a lot of colour variation, and all my searching has found nothing that looks exactly like mine.

In other news I've started a sourdough loaf for the first time in weeks. We don't eat all that much bread, and now even less as I really need to shift those lockdown kilos! The neglected starter sprang back to life quite smartly.

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