Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Hello Lovely Blippers,

Is it us, or do the Silly Saturday Blips come round more quickly than they used to?  They say that time goes faster the older you get, so perhaps we are all getting older!

Anyway, we are NEVER too old for an adventure, so when Mrs. HCB mentioned that she might just be going over to “her field”, Mr. HCB said that he would go with her, especially as it is quite isolated, and in the present climate, he thought it would be safer if he went too.  

Strangely enough, Mrs. HCB didn’t object, so we all jumped into her bag, making sure we had some pink ribbon and that we were all wearing something pink.  However, thinking that we might be climbing one of the trees, we were a bit crafty and pulled the belt off Mrs. HCB’s robe, which as you know, is VERY pink, so that we could have a big pink bow somewhere on the tree.  

By the time the HCBs had tramped through the very wet grass - we could see which tree would be best for climbing - the one that was brought down in one of the storms last year.  We all managed to climb up into it but the HCBs had to push down lots of little trees and brambles to get anywhere near us.  

It was great to be out, almost in the countryside, as it is a very large field, but we were quite disappointed to see that not many of the trees are wearing their autumn garb - Mr. HCB thinks it needs another week before the leaves have changed colour completely, so perhaps another visit next week is on the cards - we will listen carefully!

Of course, now there are more of us, it takes longer to get us all sorted out for a photograph and we are sure that Admirer would have laughed if she could have seen us climbing this tree but it was worth it and we remember her with love because she started this whole Silly Saturday thing.

It’s quite a dull day today, but we hope that you all have a great weekend, whatever you are doing - stay safe and look after one another.

Please remember to click on this LINK so that those who cannot afford to pay may have a free mammogram.  Thank you.  

Love from

JH Ted, Tiny, Snowy, Penny Penguin, Hoggy, Leyburn and Reeth xxxxxxx

P.S.  We heard it on the grapevine that Mrs. HCB bought a pack of pink knickers when she was out shopping yesterday but when Mr. HCB saw them, we heard him saying to her, “I jolly well hope you aren’t thinking of Blipping yourself wearing those!”  Well, you know Mrs. HCB - she will do as she chooses, but I’m not sure that it would be allowed on Blip - in fact, she might even get banned for indecent photographs!  What do you think? 

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