A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Bottoms Up

Before tackling a few more outdoor chores in preparation for the cold that’s coming, we visited a couple of nearby locations on the Kennebec River. The one closest to home was quiet for a Saturday morning, a sign that tourists are gone, school’s in session and most everyone has returned to their normal weekly routines. The water was quiet too without boats, ducks or leaping sturgeon to watch. But occasionally one must look up, and that’s what we did. It was a treat to observe seven separate groups of Canada geese fly upriver, northward, with some showing their infamous V formation. Unfortunately there was very little honking to enjoy • Our second stop revealed more Canada geese but this group was feeding near shore. It was amusing to see their white feathered butts all lined up :) • I put in a few driveway stakes and removed the rest of the annuals from our flower beds. Our first frost is possible tonight • More Sopranos on the way but I still have a vegan beef stew to make. Perfect for this chilly overcast Saturday.

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