I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... Boo at the Zoo.

Since we hadn't been to the Lehigh Valley Zoo in a while we decided to go this afternoon.  We packed up our lunch and had a picnic before entering the zoo.  It was the second weekend of Boo at the Zoo and it was packed!

The zoo has these special Boo at the Zoo weekends every year for a while now and we always enjoy going.  The kids in attendance are usually dressed up ... as are some adults.  You can see one such young man in the bottom right picture.  I just caught him peering over the fence into the White Cockatoo exhibit.  Bobby, the white cockatoo is also part of my collage.

As to the unicorn piñata ... that was hanging inside the cockatoo exhibit!  Not entirely sure why though.  But is added a colorful silly Saturday element to my collage.  Today wasn't all that sunny so I liked this pop of color. 

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