Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Great Spotted Woodpecker #99

Still not feeling 100% but needed to get out for a walk this afternoon and get some fresh air, so I took an LFT just to be on the safe side - as expected it was negative. I don't know where I've picked up this bug as I've only been out twice this week - once to Sainsburys and I wore a mask and did scan and go so never interacted with anyone and then to the doctor's surgery for my flu jab and we were in and out in about 4 minutes. Again masks were worn so it just shows that it's so easy to pick something up no matter how careful you are - thankfully not covid this time! 
Anyway, we didn't go too far - just up to Risley Moss in search of a woodpecker - we saw two briefly but the light was very poor. It's just about acceptable, but don't look too closely. I don't have one in my journal this year yet, so this takes me to 99 different birds for the year. I won't have an issue reaching my target of 100 but want to make it a good one - maybe a short eared owl or a great white egret - so it could be a while. 
It's only just over a mile around Risley Moss and the weather was quite sunny and still mild. It felt good to get out again as we ambled around looking for fungi as well as birds. 

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